The masseuses have been trained according to the rules of traditional thaimassage of Wat Pho in Thailand and are trained in dealing with physical tension and blockages .  Share your problem areas with the staff . They will apply a formfitting treatment in consultation with you.

Medical treatments can not and must not be made. If in doubt, please consult a physician . 

We guarantee a friendly , customer-oriented and quality-conscious service level . We are responsive to the wishes of customers , in an effort to give him a pleasant stay in our rooms. Nuad ( massage ) are the masseuse during the body work with the customer immediate feedback and allows a continuous further improvement of our services without time pressure and mass treatment.

Thaimassage is an ongoing process of self-awareness and reflection and also the masseuse next to the training effect their skills a sense of satisfaction through a successful health promotion service that transmits directly to the customer .  

Take the first step towards total Relaxation.

"Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
Bhuddist wisdom


Experience thaimassage, worthy of its Name!