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In the hustle and bustle of the big city like Berlin or as a tourist it is necessary from time to time to have a little high quality and inexpensive time-out and to reflect back on itself and the essential things. For this purpose we have a good team of well-trained masseuses, assistance and conduct targeted relaxation and massage techniques for the lady, the gentlement or even couples for the recovery of inner Balance without time pressure.

Experience thaimassage, worthy of its Name!

In a hurry : The Overview

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Living in a metropolis

It is often complained that  man in the big city today is suffering from symptoms associated with burnout , overloading , stress of urban life , lack of leisure , our sole focus on consumption and status symbols , time pressure , loss of the inner center , speechlessness , lack of empathy and solitude accompanied . Solving these problems is sometimes sought in taking harmful stimulants , excessive and improper diet and the distraction of various activities , rather than to work on the causes .  


Relief through Thai Massage

For centuries, traditional thaimassage is part of the otherwise very busy lifestyles of Thais  to eliminate physical discomfort and mood disorders or to alleviate . Here elements are used , which have been found in western forms of therapy input , since the effectiveness of the methods.


Physical needs and care

In addition to the already healing itself attention and care by another person, the time for the guest accepts and responds to his physical needs in a quiet, peaceful and meditative atmosphere, it is the body work, which lead to an alleviation of discomfort and tension can. In this case, the host of his body and partially its borders is aware and able to recognize what a treasure he has received from nature, to be cultivated and preserved. The different types of thaimassage assets here to provide assistance. In conversation and by the advice of the masseuse, the needs of the guest and are formulated by the masseuse, but also by the customers themselves (and sometimes first) probable and taken seriously. The guest will be prompted by the bodywork to a self-perception of their needs and abilities and win moments of rest and contemplation, which will help him to cope with everyday life. Today like trying

" autotune " thereby gaining a new meaning .


Female needs

Women in particular find ways of peace and security in the Thai massage, which enable them to return to itself , without they distinguish from the opposite sex or have to be viewed by men .  



Couples have the opportunity to experience the massages together and thus to arrive at a form of connection in the same time reaching positive effect on the body .


Recreation for tourists

The tourists will be offered an opportunity to learn thai massage outside Thailand know and the adaptation of the classic traditional thaimassage to the peculiarities of Western culture. After an exhausting day, which was spent in seeing the sights of Berlin such as the Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island, Potsdamer Platz, the Reichstag or the botanical gardens, a visit to the thaimassage is recommended to bring the muscles back into shape and To end the day relaxed or insert between visiting Berlin attractions and trendy places a pleasant break to again gather strength for new exciting experiences and impressions in the capital Berlin or set off on yet another shopping trip (for example, in Schloßstrasse).  


What is Thaimassage?

Massage and Relaxation
The roots of Thai massage lie in Ayurvedic medicine as it originated more than 2,500 years ago in India. With the spread of Hinayana Buddhism probably came the Thai massage in Thailand. Over the centuries, came to the Indian and Ceylon added influences from Chinese medicine. Massaging means here: to touch the other to give him warmth, comfort, security, as well as new energy.
The special thing about the Thai massage
The special feature of the thaimassage is the sophisticated technology and the special physical exertion of the practitioner. The Thai massage is an ingenious combination of acupressure, stretching, energy work and meditation. It is lightly dressed practiced on a mat on the floor. This allows the clinician to optimally use his body weight and to achieve a high therapeutic benefit by transferring pressure, force and energy. Another form is the sensitive massage at the guest resting on a massage table and let yourself be pampered. This form of massage is total relaxation for the body and the soul.
Upon request, this also an oil massage technique will be overcame.

Techniques and handles
An interesting combination many techniques will be used: The thai yoga massage consists of passive, inherited from yoga stretching exercises, gentle joint manipulations, acupressure and reflexology, as well as the processing of energy lines. The massage therapist uses thumb and handball pressure, with his arms, elbows, legs, feet and knees or "goes on the back" of the patient, known as walking, so running with the hands, sometimes with their feet, on the body of patients. The Thai massage is different the harder southern style and the somewhat gentler northern style. In southern style also aware of pain stimuli are set. The nice thing about Thai massage is that every massage is unique. There is no stereotypical course of the motion sequences. For each patient, the massage was somewhat different - depending on his complaints, needs, according to his physique, his mobility and pain sensitivity.

Aasuyan - Thaihouse Berlin: Sleeping Buddha in a spa of traditionel thaimassage
Sleeping Buddha and oil